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Global PetID Digital Identification System. Community based. People to People. PetID iBeacon identification which includes animals, microchip, license, vaccinations and treatments information.

PetWorld Global is founded by dedicated people, that feel like a square peg in a round hole and who believe in changing the World to a better place. We are developing a community system to pet owners where the first of the projects was PetID Global and second mobile app PetFinder Global. portal – 

Imagine, there is a world wide animal database, where you can search and report immediately a found pet! Where you can register your dog or cat, their full vaccination history, get reminders when the new vaccination is due and which you, the dog owner can modify and keep up to date yourself!

PetFinder mobile app – 

Best Mobile Solution to Find Your Lost Pet!

Everyday pets go missing across the world. As animal lovers, we have found the solution for you to find your missing pet or connect one with its owner wherever you are. It works cross-border and there is no difference in which country or state you lose or find the animal. The solution works globally. 

PetID iBeacon – 

PetID iBeacon Digital ID, based on Apple iBeacon technology, which includes animals, microchip, license, vaccinations and treatments information.   

Be Safe, Be Cool – Never Lose Your Pet Again!

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