NH TherAguix


146 Rue Louis Lumière
38920 Crolles - France
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NH TherAguix is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing AGuIX®, an innovative nanomedicine that improves radiation therapy benefits without modifying current clinical workflows.  Following 10 years of preclinical academic research, the company has been created two years ago by Géraldine Le Duc and Olivier Tillement who co-discovered in 2005 the radiosensitizing effecst of AGuIX®. AGuIX® is an innovative gadolinium-based nanoparticle which has been developed to be compatible with the ongoing clinical practices. Via a simple intravenous injection, AGuIX® will accumulate at the tumor site and will improve the outcome of radiation therapy, while, at the same time enabling the imaging of solid tumors. AGuiX® can be described as a theranostic drug. The nanoparticle acts as a contrast agent allowing a better delineation prior to radiotherapy and provides a clinical advantage by maximizing the radiotherapy effect. NH TherAguix has the exclusive license to 5 patents covering AGuIX® and the associated technology platform and is the co-owner of 2 others patents. A phase 1 study in brain metastases (Nanorad) is about to end (12 patients/15) at CHU Grenoble and a Phase 1 in advanced cervix cancer (Nanocol) is about to start at Institut Gustave Roussy after having obtained the green light from ANSM.  Although not completed yet, the brain metastasis trial revealed a good tolerance of the drug following injection, expected pharmacokinetic properties as well as a good passive targeting of the tumor observed by MRI and some early clinical benefit. Since the creation in December 2015, the company has raised 1.8 million euros from investors and is now seeking funds to pursue the clinical development of AGuIX® through phase 2 studies, development of others clinical and pre-clinical programs and further GMP production. Approximately €10 million will be needed to fund the first part of the proof of concept phase II and support the investigational studies planned.


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